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The Marijuana industry presents many obsacles for implementing traditional marketing. We have the solutions. We approach marketing from 8 traditional areas with marijuana-content specific strategies.

A brief description 

Website Development

We understand your business. Let us properly set up the structure and function of your customized and modernized website to reflect the specialization of the marijuana industry!

Digital Marketing

We know the tedious work that lays ahead. Let us help your company leave footprints throughout the internet. Thus creating higher search rankings and expsoure to eluding markets at the same time!


We want to get your market’s attention. Let us create strong, attention grabbing advertisements with unique call to actions for billboard, print, and all your digital media needs!


We want to get your products to buyers! Let us utilize our relationships within a network of retailers to help place your product in the right stores for your brand!


We’re Branding Specialists. Let us customize every aspect of your company to consistently represent the personality of your brand! Our branding specialists will bring life to your brand!

Video Production w Remote Editing

We love capturing the emotion of your message. Let us bring to life the essence of your brand with our professionaly cinematography team for your website, social media, and general commercial use!

Public Relations

We’re Storytellers. Let us tell your story through the press. We specialize in writing copy for media outlets. Here is your chance to speak with the public about your company and products!

Social Media

We’re problem solvers. Let us overcome the obstacles that social media presents for growing and maintaining your audience. We approach social media with methods that help us “advertise” without actually advertising!

Some Special Clients …

We’re proud to have served the following clients. By following our methods while attacking our specialized 8 areas of marketing, we were able to: Increase Revenue; Acquire Television Appearances; Create Surge in Social Media Following; Attain Sponsorships; Acquire New Clients; Strengthen Reviews.

... More Special Clients


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