We offer services starting from square one. If you have an idea for a new project or brand new product or company we will provide a consultation going over exactly what is a brand. In a nutshell its your company’s or product’s personality. This should be consistently seen throughout every aspect of your business. From your logo, in store design and layout, the attitude of your employees to customers, your website colors/text/placement. EVERYTHING! We live for this. If you already have a brand, but feels it needs remodeling or tweaking. It’s nothing better than a fresh set of experienced eyes to help take you to the next level!

We provide logos and graphics, as well as branding marketing ideas. For example, The Medicine Man of Ann Arbor is a medical marijuana dispensary. Their brand personality was a modern, professional, elite company. We created their new media campaign, which elevated their brand and put it into action. We developed a video campaign which showcased the dispensary products with the Medicine Man of Ann Arbor providing educational commentary. The objective of presenting the Medicine Man of Ann Arbor as a modern, professional, and elite company was accomplished with our customized media campaign. Let us do the same for you!