Digital Marketing

This isn’t rocket science, but it’s hard work. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and just about everyone else blocks marijuana related content ads on their networks. So the obvious is to cross market and advertise with other marijuana related platforms. Yes, of course, we absolutely include this in our approach. However, we don’t stop there.

We create backlinks on other popular sites through commenting on wordpress sites leaving an internet footprint which helps your search rankings. This can be tedious because we do have systems to automate this program, however, if detected your search rankings will take a hit as your site will be classified as a “bot.” So we put our team to work to do it the right way!  

To achieve your digital marketing needs, we include guess bloggin writing services with distribution, guess vlogging writing services with distribution, and guess commenting services which all get you exposure and increases your internet footprint thus increasing your search rankings! 

Digital Marketing also includes advertisements such as banners for websites. This is offered in our Advertisement department.